About Bradley Hallick

Bradley Hallick SportsBradley Hallick began his illustrious football career at Pottsville Area High School in Pottsville, PA. As the 54th best offensive line prospect in the US, Multiple D1 schools were interested in having Bradley on their team. January of 2007, he signed Stanford’s letter of intent.

Aside from football, Bradley Hallick also focused much of his attention on school. He was a true student-athlete. Bradley was a National Football Hall of Fame Scholar Athlete, on the Stanford University Student-Athlete Honor Roll, as well as a Stanford Football Academic All-Star. He graduated with a bachelor of arts in international relations with a concentration in international security issues in 2011. After college, Bradley took a semester to travel abroad in Oxford, England to fulfill his traveling desires and of build his expertise in economics and international relations.

Bradley was also very involved in other aspects of the Stanford community. He helped Stanford with alumni fundraising his freshman year. During his sophomore year, Bradley was an editor of the Stanford Journal of International Relations. He also became an account executive for the Stanford Daily Publishing Corporation during his sophomore year. In his senior year, Bradley worked volunteer hours coaching and teaching underprivileged kids in  the Stanford Youth Olympics.

Today, Bradley Hallick has about three years experience as a business analyst at Oracle Corporation. He works on the business insights team for Oracle’s customer service department.


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